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    Windmill in the Netherlands: Why the Netherlands is the Home of Windmills?

    The Netherlands has a Windmill day to celebrate and this leaves no doubt in the fact that the Netherlands is the world’s most recognizable symbol for Windmills. According to the states and history, there are over 120 million Windmills across the country which makes this the main attraction point for the visitors. Windmills are the major attraction not only because of their looks, but they play a very vital role in Dutch history.

    History of Dutch Windmills –

    The Netherlands Windmills acquires a very important role in the formation of Dutch history by being the ancient one. Yes, the very first windmill of the Netherlands which dates back to 1221 was created in the rural town of Willemskerke in the middle-age period.

    But due to flood, unlike others, this beauty is not in the existence anymore. But, its place of being the ancient one is now occupied by the Windmill of Zeddam named – “Grafelijke Korenmolen” dating back to 1441.

    There are still 1000’s of Old Windmills in very good condition and 2000’s of modern Windmills in the Netherlands.

    Let’s take a tour of the Netherlands Windmills. Best Deals

    Windmill, windmills in the netherlands
    Aligned Modern and Old Netherland’s Windmills

    Windmills at an Early Age, were used to grind grains

    Yes, that’s true. Windmills were first invented to get aid in grinding the grains. People dating back to the time of its invention noticed that winds can move anything even the higher objects. Windmill’s blades were then used to move the stone and stones used to grind against each other and form the flour while placing grain in the middle.

    Windmills were once used to create the Land –

    dutch windmills
    Windmills in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is below the sea level by 26% of the ratio that is indeed higher in comparison with the others. A country is called a flat one due to its structure that is formed by the sediments of rivers making flat formations of land.

    To create more landmass for livelihood, early Dutch people used to pump and transport the water from the ground to any other place through windmills to obtain the bellowed land.

    Every type of Windmill in the Netherlands has its own story and usage –

    Not all the Windmills present in the Netherlands are of the same type, style, and usage. All are made with different purposes, reasons, and as per the needs. Some regions require less wind and on the other hand, some regions require more winds. Also, the formation of Windmills is with the two different types of materials, Stone and Wood.

    Windmill’s blades can adapt to weather –

    The frame-like structure of the blades allows them to stay attached at the time of soft and windy winds as soft and windy both winds won’t be the same all the time. But, to keep the grinding and obtaining land technique in continuation, Dutch people started to cover the Windmill’s blades with clothes to adjust accordingly to the type of wind automatically.

    World’s highest Windmill is in the Netherlands –

    With 245 meters (803 ft) in height and 100 meters (328 ft) blades, this giant Windmill is situated in the harbor of Rotterdam made by an American Multinational Company – General Electric with the test purpose. The test will last for 5 years – from 2019 to 2024 and if the test will be successful, there might be Windmills in the future with more heights.

    There’s no doubt why the Netherlands Windmills are the main attraction among Tourists and Visitors due to all of the above-mentioned reasons. Hope you liked the information.  


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