Digital Leader | Why Netherlands is a Hub of Technological Innovations?


The Netherlands is the most chosen and favorite country among IT companies whose requirement is to expand their Business in Europe.

It is reported that all the Business or IT companies that invest in the Netherlands receive surprisingly whooping results in return because of the best workforce and infrastructure present in the Netherlands that fulfills all the requirements of IT Industries.

Let us understand why the Netherlands is termed as a Digital Leader

Dutch Governments supports the Tech –

Government plays a major role in expanding or in the reduction of any source or resource. But, the Dutch government has given a digital structure to the Netherlands by providing a strong focus towards the tech which includes – Innovative new techniques, multilingual workforces, a new culture for working arenas, and R&D incentives. This only makes it very clear about the vision of the Dutch Government that is most obviously to support the Tech.  

World’s leading Data distributor – The Netherlands –

Netherlands is a Digital Leader

The Technological environment is ranked as No. 2 of the Netherlands in Net Connectivity all over the world with 98% of the houses having Broadband connections.

Most importantly, the Netherlands is the home of the world’s largest and leading Data distributor in the world – Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS –IX), which allows companies to stay digitally connected to reshape the future

Netherlands is the choice of Information Technology leader’s

The Netherlands’ technological environment is so overwhelming that big IT Companies like – Oracle, Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. choose the Netherlands as their main European headquarters for R&D facilities and also, for customer services too due to their best and hardworking workforce.
From Start-Ups to MNCs (Multi-National Companies), all the Tech companies from all over the world find Dutch IT industries as their great success.

Europe’s largest Cyber Security Cluster is in the Netherlands –

The Netherlands is Europe’s largest Cyber Security Hub while maintaining its role as the global beacon of Peace and Justice. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the Dutch central information hub and center of cyber security expertise that encourages cooperation in-between businesses and governments towards digital resilience for the Dutch Societies.

Europol, NATO, and many similar international security agencies are attracted towards this expertise and have established their operations in the Netherlands.

Having a national network of 300+ public and private organizations that are working together to accelerate the Cyber security solutions, The Hague Security Delta (HSD) makes the Netherlands the Home of Europe’s largest security cluster.

The Netherlands is no doubt the leading Digital Leader with all the latest and advanced expertise and technology.


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