What should I blog about in 2022?


Blogging is a trend nowadays and a great source of extra income. As per the stats, there are over 600 million blogs globally today on over 1.9 billion websites. This means around 3 billion blog posts are published yearly globally, 8.28 million blog posts/day, and 5,750 blog posts published/minute (live internet stats, 26th Jan 2022).

The stats above clearly explains the market need; viewers enjoy reading excellent and exciting content. As a result, carefully select your blog topic and, more significantly, research before writing and writing based on the statistics.

What should I blog about in 2022
What should I blog about?

What are the Good topics to write a blog on Covid-19?

  • Covid-19 Updates
  • Covid-19 Travel advisory
  • Covid-19 Stats/county or worldwide
  • Vaccination centres
  • Side effects of vaccination
  • Experts advise
  • Corona Survivals

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are all-time trending; with governments relaxing corona restrictions, more and more travellers are looking for an advisory from experienced travellers on how to travel safer.

What are the Good topics to write a blog on Travel?

  • Best 10 Countries to visit
  • Safest countries to visit during Covid-19
  • Best ten sites in Europe
  • Best way to travel in 2022

Food blogs are in the Trend

Travel and Food are like the most romantic couple in the world. One is incomplete without another. Make your food blog on eating on a budget to appeal to a budget-conscious readership. Write about Food that you discovered during your travelling.

What are the Good topics to write a blog on Food?

  • Top 10 food items of a country
  • Best places to eat with family
  • Food and Travel
  • Kito Diet
  • How to eat healthier in 2022

Lifestyle Blogs

You may start by writing a blog post regarding Bill Gates’ principle of work-life balance. Everyone wants to deal with tension on their way to work. Blogging about past experiences with healthy eating and how they affected your health will ring true and always motivates readers.

What are the Good topics to write a blog on Lifestyle?

  • How to deal with stress
  • Work and personal life balance
  • Tips to make your life more colourful
  • Celeb lifestyle


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