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The world is changing rapidly and so is connectivity and technology too. In the past 2 decades, the world has experienced major changes and revolutions in the network and connection industries. Social Media became the most used platform for getting in touch with people across the globe which includes – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Let’s talk about Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an American micro-blogging Social Media platform that allows you to connect with the world through Tweets, Comments, and Reply. Twitter not only allows you to connect with individuals but with groups too. Twitter was founded in 2006 and proved very successful as a communicating and connecting platform.

How to use Twitter?

No high-tech technology is required to use Twitter as it only requires a mobile phone, pc, and a net connection. Twitter contains a function called “Tweets” that refers to the short messages with Images, Texts, and Videos of certain limits that we can use to present our voice, thoughts, and values in front of the world. User types a tweet via phone or pc that is received by the Twitter server and then it gets posted that is visible for other users, so-called followers, and also for everyone if the account is open. Twitter is in wide use all over the world and becoming a better communicating platform with its regular updates.   

How do tweets get trends in Twitter?

One of the most useful functions of Twitter is – Twitter trends. Twitter allows people to raise their voices and present their points by making their tweets get into the trending list. The Trending list contains the list of most tweeted tweets done by the users on different topics. More the tweets, the more the chances of getting featured on the trending list increases and that’s how the Twitter trends become the major aid for raising your voice and values in front of the world.

What are the trending tweets in the Netherlands?

The trending list gets updated according to the volume or the no. of tweets on the particular topics. Some of the recent Twitter trending tweets in the Netherlands are:-

Twitter Trending Topics and Hashtags with Tweet Volumes                           

  • 1.   #AbuDhabiGP with 275.4k Tweets                    
  • 2. #formule1 with Under 10k Tweets
  • 3.  Hamilton with 192.4k Tweets
  • 4.  De FIA with Under 10k Tweets
  • 5.   Perez with Under 10k Tweets
  • 6. Kimi with 50.4k Tweets
  • 7.   Buhari with 20k Tweets
  • 8.   #UnleashTheLion with 10.7k Tweets



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