How exactly Retargeting works? Know in Less Than 1 Minute


According to the most recent statistics, only 4% of site visitors actually make a purchase. Occasionally, they aren’t ready to buy when they initially appear at your store, and other times, they may become distracted before completing a purchase.

As a result, marketers are faced with a critical challenge: What is the best way to get them to return to you? How can you get the 96 percent of people who didn’t buy anything from the website to come back? Retargeting is a smart strategy to remind shoppers of their original interest and entice them to complete their purchase is a smart strategy. Let us see how.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a cookie-based method that employs basic Javascript code to discreetly ‘follow’ your audience around the Internet.

After visitors leave your website without purchasing, retargeting ads remind them of your products and services. It allows you to retarget visitors who have visited specific pages and show them relevant visual or text ads when they visit other websites. With the help of Google AdWords, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads and other retargeting advertising networks, retargeting campaigns can be run. Successful marketers employ retargeting to stay in touch with their customers and improve revenue.

How exactly does Retargeting works?

you install a tiny, inconspicuous script on your website (this Javascript code is sometimes referred to as a pixel). Because the code is hidden and doesn’t influence your site’s performance, it won’t be noticed by visitors. An anonymous browser cookie is dropped every time a new visitor arrives at your site.


After you set up retargeting, if someone who has previously visited your site returns to the web, the cookie that you have placed will ensure to remind your brand intriguing by ad for a product they viewed plus other related products and that no one else will see them.

It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons; using this tool, you may regain lost sales in the background while you focus on other vital aspects of your business!

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