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    Detailed Explanation About the 4 Mailchimp Pricing Plans

    Email Campaigns are a great way to promote business and reach your audience and Mailchimp makes that possible. There are unlimited benefits of using Mailchimp for your business and to avail those benefits, having elaborated knowledge about Mailchimp Pricing Plans can go a long way.

    All About 4 Mailchimp Pricing Plans

    There are 4 different Mailchimp pricing plans—Free, Essentials, Standard, and Premium—that are designed to help businesses of any size and budget. Billing is based on usage and paid plans give you access to additional features, so consider the size of your audience, your sending frequency, and which tools matter the most to you when selecting your plan type.

    • Free: Start with all of Mailchimp’s basic marketing tools. Mailchimp’s Free plan allows you to send up to 2,500 emails per month and have up to 500 total contacts in your audience. Free account holders have access to basic features like email, segmentation, landing pages, Facebook and Instagram ads, one-step automations, and more. When you use Mailchimp for customer relationship management, you also get marketing analytics reports that help you put your data to work.
    • Essentials: Get access to everything you know and love about Mailchimp, plus the benefits of pre-built templates, A/B testing, and 24/7 world-class support. Starting at $13, you have more ways to experiment with campaigns to find out what’s working and why. You can also remove Mailchimp branding, so your business takes center stage.
    • Standard: Accelerate your growth. Starting at $20, you can create, launch, and manage multichannel marketing campaigns all in one place. Expand your reach with digital ads, improve your targeting with predicted demographics, and grow relationships with custom workflow automations. In addition to all of Mailchimp templates, you also have the ability to create your own. Plus, advanced reporting gives you insights so you can attract even more customers.
    • Premium: For marketing pros who need advanced capabilities and customizations, we offer custom domains, complex segments, and multivariate testing in Mailchimp all-in-one Marketing Platform starting at $350. You also get access to premiere phone, email, and chat support.
      Mailchimp Pricing Plans

      Every Mailchimp account, regardless of Mailchimp pricing plans, offers 5 different levels of access for users. In just a few clicks, you can invite other users to join your account, assign user levels, or revoke account access.

      5 Levels of Mailchimp User Access

      These 5 levels of access are as below:

      Mailchimp accounts have up to 5 user levels: Owner, Admin, Manager, Author, and Viewer. Each level has different permissions that impact their role within the account.

      All accounts have an Owner, and your Mailchimp pricing plans determines the number of additional user seats and levels available to you.

      In this article, you’ll learn about the different user levels and how to grant and revoke Mailchimp account access.

      LevelElaborationPlan Requirement
      OwnerThe Owner serves as the primary contact for the account. Owners can perform all actions in the account, including inviting new users, editing billing information, and closing the account.Any plan
      AdminThe Admin has the same permissions as the Owner.Essentials, Standard, or Premium
      ManagerThe Manager can create and send campaigns, import audiences, and view reports, but can’t view billing information, export audiences, or close the account.Premium
      AuthorThe Author can create, edit, and delete campaigns and templates, and view reports.Standard or Premium
      ViewerThe Viewer can view reports in the account.Standard or Premium

      Depending on the user level, certain Mailchimp account pages and features may look different or be inaccessible. Owners and Admins have full account access.

      Let us know in comments if this elaborated guide on Mailchimp Pricing plans was helpful to your business.

      If you are not aware how to get started with Mailchimp, Do checkout our article on Effective Roadmap for Getting Started with Mailchimp .

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