Life with Wine in the Netherlands

Dutch beers are one of the Best in the world whether it's 'Heineken', Twente based 'Grolsch' Amstel, 'Bavaria', 'Brand', and 'Hertog Jan'. Till date many specialty beers are produced by local breweries.

If there is one thing that a typical Dutch looks forward to unwinding themselves after a hectic & stressful week is chilling out, And why not! After all, body and mind demand a stress-less weekend and prepare for the next week.

The Dutch love to get drunk on Friday night and nothing is better than a chill beer, a bottle of wine, Netflix, Thuisbezorgd and a hot wife or girlfriend, a perfect family time.

Dutch, Beer, & Wine Relationship

There was a time when the Dutch were more passionate about beer as compared to any other alcoholic drink, and that’s a reason why Dutch beers are one of the Best in the world, whether it’s ‘Heineken‘, Twente-based ‘GrolschAmstel, ‘Bavaria‘, ‘Brand‘, and ‘Hertog Jan‘. To date, many speciality beers are produced by local breweries. Anyone can try them at the brewery or one of the many beer taverns scattered around the nation.

Almost 14-15 years back, a famous article quoted that there is No Wine culture in the Netherlands. As wine experts at that time, Dutch wine lacked authenticity and originality.

But as the time passed after so many years, the attitude (on a positive note) of the Dutch changed, and as per the latest report, there are more than 170 vineyards in the Netherlands. The numbers are magical. Some of the vineyards are from Roman times 968 in and around Maastricht.

White wine or Red wine?

If you are a wine lover, you know the first question that strikes your mind whenever you meet another wine lover ” Do you like White wine or Red wine”?

In the Netherlands, 2/3 is white wine because of the soil. Yes, the Netherlands soil is muchly favourable for the “Johanniter”. The weather-proof grapes cultivation is a gift of technology and a new generation to the Netherlands.

The popularity of Dutch Wines

Until a few years, the wine was a southern Netherlands thing due to the availability of many vineyards. But due to digitization, internationalization and better transportation facilities, farmers and business houses started mushrooming the wines in the northern province of the Netherlands.

Dutch wine is getting famous worldwide, and if you haven’t tried one yet, Order Now!

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