How to get Google AdSense Approval?


Earning thousands within a day from your website, and trust me, it is not an overestimation. Today I am writing this blog for you so you can get Google AdSense approval in just 1 minute.

A few years back, getting Google AdSense approval was easy, create a website put some good content and apply for Google AdSense. This is not the case now; with an increase in the demand for web content, there is a Tsunami of AdSense requests which forced Google to strict AdSense approval process.

It may be difficult if you have never been through the Google AdSense approval process; however, if you already have an approved website, it is easier to approve other websites on the same account.

But what about others who never applied before or got multiple rejections without any explanation from Google. That’s for whom this blog is for.

Let’s learn how to get Google Adsense approval without wasting your time.

How to get Google AdSense Approved

Before you apply for Google Adsense, make sure you have:

adsense approval, Google AdSense template
Google AdSense Approval

A running website

This is a must requirement.

Can I get approved by Google AdSense if my site is HTTP?
Although it’s not mandatory, it is advisable to have HTTPS to be on the safer side.

Google AdSense template

Ensure your website is structured well with a template following Google AdSense rules.

You can use WordPress themes or Elementor templates if you plan for a content-driven website. These themes are already structured per the Google AdSense guideline and increase the chances of a positive result.

What’s the age of your website?

This doesn’t apply if your website runs in the US or Europe. Still, Google made it mandatory for the websites from specific countries such as China & India that the minimum age of a website should be 6 months before a website is sent for a Google AdSense approval; otherwise, the chances of getting a rejection are high.

This may result from fraud websites that were forced into Google’s environment.

If you belong to the above countries, you should at least wait for 6 months.

Good Content and Original Content

Some website owners think the content doesn’t matter, but my friend, you’re mistaken. It matters. Your future revenue depends on the current efforts you are putting into writing good content.

Google doesn’t want to approve websites with Spam Content or Duplicate content.

Few tips for writing a good blog:

  • Write good content; you don’t have to be unique. Just be original.
  • Write trending blog headings
  • Well structured blogs – Follow H2, H3, H4
  • Use trending keywords
  • Communicate with images
  • Allow guest posting and guest blogging

No Licence Images

Use images that are not copyrighted. If you are planning or already using Images from Google and published them on your website, you might be in trouble. Most of the google images are Licensed and strictly not allowed to operate on external platforms.

These images are restricted under usage rights.

Google keep track of everything; if you use copyrighted images, Google AdSense will track them down. In the end, why would Google Approve you if you can’t use Original content and images? Rejection is what you get from Google in this case.

15 to 20 Posts

Google disapprove just because you applied. If Google feels insufficient content on your website, you will never get AdSense approval.

More content with good consistency means more traffic, and more traffic means more clicks; this is what Google wants more traffic and clicks.

About Us and Contact Us Pages

These two pages are a must-have and are frequently overlooked by website owners. Google wants to make sure that you explain to your viewers who you are, why someone should contact you, and how you might assist your visitors in resolving their difficulties.

Having these two pages also brings your website into a legitimate category that your business is legal and your aim is not to Spam viewers.

Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page is one of the most significant pages on your website, and there are several components you must provide in a complete privacy policy statement. There is no reason not to have a privacy policy page, and Google have their own

Are you at least 18 years old?

Believe it or not, Yes, this is one of the criteria you must have for Google AdSense. Read More here.

In case you are not +18, you can ask either your Parent or guardian to sign up for an AdSense account with their google accounts, and if your application is approved, all the payments will be approved and sent to a linked bank account.

Don’t worry; when you are +18, you can always change details.

What happens if you use other Ads with Google Adsense?

There is no clear answer to it, and the reason is Google do permit to run off other Ads with Google Ads. But this is not a good habit and might result in a High Bounce Rate.

Using one or two Ad providers are advisable more than that would require more space to place Ads, and trust me, as a user, I wouldn’t say I like too much of Ads; even too much Sugar leads to danger for your health.

Read Here for more clarification

User-Friendly Navigation

One common thing in websites already approved with Google AdSense is that their Navigation is user-friendly.

I know many businesses that changed their entire theme and made it more user-friendly. Google AdSense is strict about how you represent your content, do your pages have a straightforward way to use? is your content readable?

Check here for more info.

Conclusion and Takeaways

  • Write good and original content.
  • Structure your Blogs.
  • Be Niche.
  • Being consistent would improve SEO rank.
  • Have at least 15-25 blogs in your spare.
  • Add Important pages like About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy.
  • Don’t Use Copyright content and Images
  • User-Friendly Navigation

How Can I get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute?

This is not possible; it takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks and, in some cases, even 2-3 months to get confirmation from google. Focus on structuring your website; make sure you do all steps advised in this blog.

What is the minimum traffic for Google AdSense approval?

I have noticed that websites with 0 traffic often have Google Adsense accounts. This is still a point of discussion, but to be on the safer side, somewhere around 100 views/day is considered good traffic.

Should I check my website on the AdSense approval checker?

You can for your satisfaction, this might help you improve your website overall. But I would still apply and take a chance even if I covered all requirements of AdSense.

How to get AdSense approval for bloggers?

Read this article and Check the conclusion. We are one of the best examples for bloggers 🙂


    • Goedemiddag Saeed, your website seems to be ready for the Ad Sense application. Just make sure your website is at least 6 months old. This is a new approval criteria for few Asian countries.

      Thank you your question, Wishing you lots of success!


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