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    How to Create Business Emails with Earthlink

    If you operate a company and wonder how to create a business email, you’ve come to the correct place.

    Numerous websites allow you to create a business email quickly; Earthlink is one of them.

    How to create a Business Email with Earthlink

    Earthlink subscribers can create up to 8 distinct email accounts by default.

    Each email account comes with 100MB of storage and may be accessed from any computer by going to Earthlink’s website.

    Spam and virus protection and an online address book to access contacts are also included.

    Use the My Account tab to create a new email account for a business partner, family member, or personal use.

    How to Create Business Emails with Earthlink
    Earthlink Website

    Steps to Create a Business Email

    • Sign in to your account on the Earthlink website’s My Account page (see Resources). Fill in the boxes with your email address or Earthlink ID and password. “Sign In” will appear.
    • Click “Add a new email profile in the Email Profiles section.”
    • To create a new email account, fill in all the information asked on the signup screen. For the performance, choose a username and password.
    • Confirm the email account’s creation by clicking “Add Email Profile.”

    10 Reasons why Business Emails are essential

    1. Customers are kept informed.
    2. It fosters trust.
    3. Relationships with Customers are strengthened.
    4. Mobile users are reached.
    5. Increases the number of website visits.
    6. Provides a standardized method of communication.
    7. More leads are generated.
    8. Increases Retention rate.
    9. Provides an excellent narrative platform.
    10. Increases brand recognition.

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