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    How to Create a Post on WordPress in 2023

    There are several methods for creating a new WordPress post, and all of them will take you to the visual editor.

    Let’s learn how you can create a WordPress post in just a few minutes.

    Option 1: WordPress Dashboard

    Navigate to Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New

    create a post on WordPress Dashboard
    Create a Post on WordPress

    You may get confused between a WordPress Post and a WordPress Page but remember that these two are distinct components of a WordPress website.

    A WordPress Post is an article or guides published regularly on a blog page in reverse chronological order.

    Pages are intended for static and timeless material, such as those found on a home page or a contact page. Pages are updated from time to time, although most of the time, they remain unchanged.

    Steps to Write a Blog in WordPress

    • Set a Blog Heading

      Your Blog title should be eye-catching and based on viewers’ queries.
    • Select a Block

    There are blocks for every essential sort of content, such as a paragraph, column, and heading. You may include widgets such as Latest Comments and Search along with blocks. There are additional blocks for embedding third-party material.

    you can also transform some of the blocks. Begin with a Paragraph block, then convert it into a column, header, or quotation by clicking the block icon.

    • Write SEO-friendly blog content.
    • Add images to the Blog.

    Using images in a blog is an excellent strategy to engage viewers and target their attention points. You can upload an image to a blog by three methods:

    – Drag and drop the media into the desired block
    – Media Library: Select an existing image
    – Add a new image by navigating to Dashboard -> Media -> Add New.

    • Add a Featured Image in a WordPress Blog

      Go to Post (on the right-hand right while writing a blog) -> Scroll Down to Featured Image -> Select/upload an image.
    Featured Image
    • Select a Category

      Go to Post (on the right-hand right while writing a blog) -> Scroll Down to Category -> Select a Category.
    • Do basic SEO with the help of a Plugin.
    • Set Permalinks or Slugs
    • Publish or Schedule a Post


    • How to write a blog in WordPress?
    • SEO Friendly Blog
    • WordPress Post vs WordPress Page

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