5 Fast And Easy Step To Access Another Computer Remotely (Windows) For Free

5 Fast And Easy Step To Access Another Computer Remotely

Users that need to access another computer remotely if they ever need help can use Microsoft’s built-in function, which provides free remote access technology. Windows RDC (Remote Desktop Connection), on the other hand, is turned off by default. However, activating this free remote access to a computer without internet capability is simple.

Step 1

Press CTRL + Win + Q on your computer and a quick assist window will pop up.

access another computer remotely

Step 2

Choose if you want to Get assistance or Give assistance. (I chose Give assistance here)

Step 3

It will give you a security code to let you connect to their device.

access another computer remotely

Step 4

The other has to do press the same CTRL + WIN + Q in their device and select Get assistance.

Step 5

The other person has to give the security code that showed on your device and select share screen when you are ready.

access another computer remotely

Also in the next window, you can choose whether you need to take full control of the other device or just view screen.

access another computer remotely

As you can see, now you can take control of other device.

access another computer remotely

That’s it.

This simply you can access another computer remotely in windows.

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